FWIW In The News



"I thought I had seen every posssible modern variation of Shakespeare’s work done in motorcycle gang updates, modern suits and tie updates, sci-fi versions, and even 1960’s mobster style. If I saw another variation trying to be unique by setting his works in anything other that its historical place in time again I would have to give up on Shakespeare! But then there comes Chris Bayon and his band (not gang) of classical and jazz musicians to, well, jazz up an old classic(al) and give it a yet new, but unexpected twist. Suddenly, I am intrigued."

"Musician, playwright, actor, producer Chris Bayon Adds a Few New Notes and A Unique Twist to The Shakespeare Classic, Romeo & Juliet at The Midtwon International Theatre Festival! July 26th, 27th at 8PM, and July 29th at 6PM"


"Swing and jazz held the genre field for this performance with some classical music as well. Emotional energy matched the music beautifully with glee and sorrow being expressed with ease. Human transference was apparent with each transition within the music at hand for the ultimate spirit of the musical arts.  

Jam on."



"NYC actor/producer/musician Christopher Bayon is proud to announce the world premiere of his new Off-Broadway musical, FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH. Under the musical direction of award-winning New York big band leader/composer, Seth Weaver, FWIW presents a unique portrayal of a love story told entirely through music and dance. Inspired by STOMP, the story pits jazz versus classical musicians in a musical battleground."